High-voltage combination shredder with reversal mechanism.

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The STIHL electric shredder GHE 375 is an effective garden helper for all seasons. The sandwich-type blade unit shreds soft, light clippings as well as hard twigs and branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm quickly and reliably. The cutting unit is driven by a powerful high-voltage motor. The BRS reversal mechanism allows you to conveniently adjust the rotational direction of the individual blades. Set the shredding blades to a clockwise cutting direction to shred mixed softer green cuttings into compostable matter. Select the anti-clockwise setting for harder materials such as woody hedge cuttings or branches, whereby the unit shreds material into small chippings. You can also feed large volumes of clippings into the machine with ease through the wide feed chute. The clippings are drawn in smoothly and shredded quickly. The lightweight garden shredder GHE 375 has a wheel axle for easy transportation, even over uneven terrain.

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up to 40

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Multi-cut 355

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