Combination electric shredder.

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The STIHL electric shredder GHE 420 has a particularly high throughput and guarantees effective results in two important disciplines. It shreds hard, woody branches and twigs as well as soft clippings such as foliage and plant trimmings. The blade shredder is suitable for frequent use and boasts a powerful motor that makes easy work of branches up to 50 mm thick. For unwieldy tree and hedge cuttings, you can simply use the folding feed chute. You can feed soft and easily manageable clippings directly into the soundproofed feed chute. The two openings on the twin-chamber system lead to specialised cutting systems. As a result, the shredder blades remain sharp in the long term and operate with extreme speed and precision. The sandwich-type blade unit combines wing blades and ripping blades that generate minimal vibrations, even when shredding solid clippings. The GHE 420 can be brought to a standstill extremely quickly, if necessary. One turn of the One-click/One turn safety switch is enough to stop the motor. The transport wheels on the garden shredder allow you to move the machine between different locations in the garden with ease. Simply tilt the machine back slightly and pull to the required location.

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up to 50

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Multi-cut 450

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